Welcome To YottaLive, The New Era of Chess Live Broadcasting.

YottaLive is designed to broadcast chess games via artificial intelligence. You will have a complete framework to facilite live games, live scoreboard, live results, etc.


The more retransmissions, the better it will work.

We use an artificial intelligence network that the more games it relays the fewer mistakes it will make.

Configure everything you need.

You will be able to modify any error and continue the retransmission.

Increased speed in online broadcasting.

Due to the direct connection via API and no continuous uploading and downloading of files, the speed is higher.


Do not write the names of the players anymore.

Add the players to be streamed online in the next round automatically, just attach the tournament link.

You will be able to check the names and modify any of them according to your taste.

Benefits for tournaments and broadcasts.

YottaLive is not only thinking about the viewers who want to watch the tournaments, but also about the players own information, thats why they have developed some very useful functionalities for the tournaments.

  • Game viewer with camera with/without modules for tournaments.
  • Real-time results for tournaments (valuable information for players).
  • Real-time online viewer to attach to any web page.

Seen enough? We are currently finalizing the first closed beta.
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