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In the different chess tournaments or trips to go to them there are many dead times that chess players spend, imagine finishing a game first of all your friends and having to wait for them. Chess-related puzzles and games help us to shorten this time. In this section I am going to show you some of the most famous puzzles for all ages.


Many chess players will see them with rubik's cubes during the waits between rounds, however for chess players there are chess-themed puzzles such as the Eureka Puzzle.

Each chess piece hides a lucky coin inside.

How to open this knight and reveal his hidden coin?

Puzzle - Eureka

Puzzle - Eureka
  • 6 different puzzles 🔥
  • A unique secret system 🔐

Game Cards

Most tournaments are on vacation, so summer is one of the times with the highest number of tournaments. Many of them are in places near beaches or with swimming pools, where some cards to play on the sand, grass or a table having a soda is an element that is never missing.

Many players take a portable chess, but you also have to not saturate yourself with chess. That is why we teach you something related but with different strategies to perform to win, such as the Caissa Card.

What better explanation than that of the creators of the cards themselves, we leave you the video that shows how it is played, a game that is played in a simple way but deciding the best strategy is not so simple.

Caissa Cards 2.0 Women

Caissa Cards 2.0 Women
  • 40 cards from women chess players 🃏
  • Special letters 💢

Did you know that there is a certain relationship between chess players and poker players?

That is why we bring these poker cards with openings. Thanks to these cards you can play poker, reviewing the most common openings. A different way to play poker for those late night tournaments in poker chess tournaments.

Cards with openings

Cards with openings
  • Deck with 52 cards 🃏
  • Ideal to remember openings ♟️
  • Play poker or any game 💯


For decades, doing puzzles has been a way to entertain yourself on long winter or summer afternoons. Normally there are a multitude of puzzles with landscapes and large amounts of pieces, however, for chess lovers we bring you a puzzle among the many that exist related to chess. In addition, it has a different number of pieces so you can choose the difficulty you want.

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Different sizes: 1500, 1000 and 500 🧩

Table games

Did you know that board game sales soared 18.3% in the year of the pandemic?

Board games to spend evenings and time with friends or family have always been a gift that never disappoints.

There are many board games and there are many that some of us have at home.

That is why this section was born, for lovers of board games, lego or children who are new to chess, we bring you the best board games related to chess.

The first board game that we are going to show you is a game that is becoming very popular today, many players, even grandmasters, are being encouraged to challenge themselves to think in a different way.

This is thanks to chess for 4 people, in this game with the same chess rules it is about winning the other 3 rivals in front of you. When a player is checkmate, he loses the game. Alliances, pacts, wars? another way to play chess.

Chess for 4

Chess for 4
  • 4 complete sets of 17 pieces ♟️
  • 4 extra ladies included 🔥
  • Available in different colors 🔴
  • Vinyl Board 🔳

For those who want to have the most famous board games of all time, to be able to use them on long trips or in any situation, we leave you a set of Amazon's best sellers. Also, with super fast shipping in case you need it soon for a gift.

Magnetic set 3 in 1 chess, checkers and backgammon

Fast shipping Highly sold on Amazon
Magnetic set 3 in 1 chess, checkers and backgammon
  • 3 in 1: chess, checkers and backgammon ♟️
  • Magnetic board ideal for travel 🚗
  • Includes parts‼ ️
  • Folding board 🔝
  • Fast shipping 🚗

Undoubtedly, if a family member with a young age is starting at home, you are facing the ideal product.

Explaining chess requires a lot of visual memory, but this visual memory is sometimes complex to develop. In addition, when starting to play chess, knowing the name of the squares is a bit complex (in fact there are many of us who, with decades of playing, sometimes confuse the squares). For this reason, this paintable board helps in these concepts.

While it is explained to the child, different information can be painted on the board, for example you can play by saying to point the boxes (encouraging writing, thinking and knowledge of the boxes). If the player is a little more advanced you can make arrows or symbols to determine plans, as is done through the internet.

Why not do it online and save money? Being in front of a screen has some drawbacks, the first is to be in front of a screen, it can be harmful to your eyesight. Also, it is not the same to play / train on a screen versus in front of a board (as it will be done in real life). Temptations is another problem, being on a computer and you know it yourself, can make you do another type of activity different from the one you wanted to do (play games, YouTube videos, etc). Which makes time not really dedicated to the initial purpose.

So if you want someone small to start chess, spend time with him and learn in a simple way, we leave you the product with fast shipping.

Ocachess - Paintable Chess

Ideal to start chess
Ocachess - Paintable Chess
  • Paintable board 🖍️
  • Includes paintable board, pieces and marker ♟️
  • Fast shipping 🚗

If you already know the basics and want one more game to learn chess, we leave you the following board game.

Ocachess - Board game to learn Chess

Ocachess - Board game to learn Chess
  • 160 questions and 160 mathematical challenges about chess ❓
  • 2 game levels, basic and advanced 💢
  • To play with the family 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻
  • Math, reading, writing and spatial vision ✔️

It has two different levels and 160 challenges, both mathematics and questions related to chess, an ideal game to play as a family and that makes learning chess a fun way.

If you are a Lego fan, we have your product. For children or adults who want to continue developing creativity in a fun way or as a family Lego has a nod with chess.

That product is LEGO Pirates, an official Lego product that allows 857 pieces to assemble a chess board with pieces included.

LEGO Pirates Chess Set

Original gift
LEGO Pirates Chess Set
  • Ideal for Lego and Chess fans ♟
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up 🧒🏻
  • 857 pieces 🧩

To finish we are going to introduce you to Enigmat. Enigmat has a simple objective, the 4 parts of the board must be put together so that they constitute a mate position.

It is a mainly visual game, with pedagogical objectives:

  • Familiarize the player with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements and strategies that surround the world of 64 squares.
  • Understand the notions of check and checkmate.
  • Train agility and mental quickness in pattern recognition.

Board Game - Enigmat

Board Game - Enigmat
  • For all ages 🧒🏻
  • It is recommended to know the movement of the pieces ♟
  • It helps in agility and mental speed 🧠

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