The best chess projectors and murals

Wallboards for years have been a perfect teaching tool, being efficient when giving lessons or presenting chess games to a wider audience. There are different wall boards such as solid ones that will serve for long years and constitute very affordable chess equipment. Every tripod has to be accompanied by a tripod to be able to display and be held during the hours and hours of training. However, in some areas having a wall panel is tedious (having to assemble, disassemble, move it, takes up a large space, weighs, etc.), and today many clubs are opting for the use of projectors or monitors, which in addition to being able to show the games, variants, allows in a more agile way to use some learning programs,watch chess videos or live games of elite tournaments, also if you buy as a private teacher and have a projector, watch some movies as if the house were a movie theater is priceless.

Best quality price projectors 2024

Today technology continues to advance and in chess it is no less. The use of a projector or television allows once the class is over, to send the files used to the students to be able to review what they have learned at home, in addition, it allows us to use much more content in our classes such as videos, broadcasts, etc.

Finding information about the best projectors or monitors can be complex due to the large number of brands, prices, technical characteristics, and functions, which make it difficult for you to choose.

Projectors at a good price there are many , from just under 100 euros, without a doubt it is not necessary projectors with impossible prices, for less than 100 euros the quality is more than acceptable and they meet all expectations.

In this article we are going to talk about some projectors and monitors that we have used, taking into account the value for money.

TOPVISION T23 projector

The one recommended by Amazon
TOPVISION T23 projector
  • Compatible with Mac, iPhone, Windows and Android 📱
  • Supports HDMI / VGA / USB / AV / SD 💻
  • 6500 Lumens 💡
  • Big Screen Experience 🎦
  • Low Power Consumption 🔋
  • Portable and with a maximum resolution of 1080p Full HD 👀
The TOPVISION T23 Projector with a price for less than € 100, which makes it very affordable, it is recommended on Amazon with thousands of sales, being able to use it makes us understand the cause. Among its main features, this projector has compatibility with all types of devices, obtaining a maximum resolution of 1080p FULL HD, which will not be more than enough. One of the characteristics that in our point of view is important is portability and ease of use. Having to be constantly moving to teach, in different places (both exterior and interior) makes these two characteristics very important. In this case, the TOPVISION T23 projector stands out, with a weight of less than 2 kilos, it makes it easy to transport and also does not take up a lot of space as it measures 21 x 18 x 9 cm.This projector has a hand with which it can also be controlled by remote control. Without a doubt the price, the software and hardware features make it one of the two options that we recommend for teachers or clubs who want to take a step in innovation, making their classes more enjoyable and fun.

YG 300 Pro Projector

Amazon's best seller
YG 300 Pro Projector
  • Compatible with Mac, iPhone, Windows and Android 📱
  • Compatible with USB / HDMI / SD / AV 💻
  • 1000 Lumens 💡
  • Portable to use anywhere even with an external battery 🧳
  • Low Power Consumption 🔋
If we do not have enough budget, or we want something smaller, we can use the YG 300 Pro Projector. For those places, where the internet is a bit complex to have, this projector comes. A projector designed especially for mobile devices, this projector allows charging using portable batteries and allows us to plug in our phone to project. The weight of the projector is less than 400 grams, which means that it can be carried anywhere and with the measurements of 14.2 x 9.4 x 5.2cm anywhere. Connecting our mobile and with the multiple existing applications for chess, will make the classes different. In addition, this projector allows that after classes if we want to watch a movie, we can plug in our mobile phone and enjoy a home theater at a very affordable price.

Best quality price monitors 2024

In case of not having to be moving and using the same place for a long time to teach (such as in long camps, annual classes or clubhouses), having a monitor gives us many resources. The main resource is to be able to give classes based on these. We can show on the screens the positions, games, videos, broadcasts, and everything that comes to mind in a simple way. In fact, they are not only used for classes, many clubs offer tournaments at their headquarters, having a screen can show the games in transmission, results in real time, pairings, notes for the players, etc. In short, it has a wide set of utilities that improve on what it used to be.

BENQ GW780 Monitor

Choice of Amazon
BENQ GW780 Monitor
  • Of the best sellers of Amazon and Amazon Choice 📺
  • Full HD quality 👀
  • Different sizes 📏
  • HDMI and VGA connection 🔌
  • Best product quality price ✔️
In order to use the monitor in the club, school or place where we are, we will need people to be able to see the screen. Monitors are normally intended to be used as a screen, but there are also extendable stands that can be placed on the wall to support and show students who are on site. For monitors, depending on the hook they have, there are some supports or others, for that we have to look at the maximum weight that it supports and the hook it has, usually being VESA hooks and have different types of positions.

Monitor wall mount

Choice of Amazon
Monitor wall mount
  • Support for televisions up to 40kg 📺
  • It works for televisions with a maximum VESA 200x200 mm 📏
  • Adaptable for different positions 🧘🏻
  • Serves with the previous monitor ✔️

In case you have a little more budget, for a slightly higher price you can have instead of 23 inches a 27-inch from the same brand, click here to see the product on amazon.

There are undoubtedly many more monitors of different brands, in times of sales we will add another monitor if we see it interesting, but from the experience of using many monitors without a doubt my choice is clear.

Rolling or folding chess murals

Wall boards have been used for decades, they are the traditional tool for teaching, broadcasting games or elements that accompany very well in exhibitions such as blind games. There are wall chess boards in different formats such as roll-up and folding. Both types are very solid, will serve for many years, and are affordable chess teams that cannot be missing from a club.

Among the different types of murals, we are going to first show the roll-up or folding murals, the main advantage of these is portability and low weight. A board with these characteristics allows it to be transported and used anywhere. These boards are usually of two types, by means of felt to be able to place the pieces or with some magnetic element, which allows the different pieces to be placed in the boxes.

Magnetic roll up board

Magnetic roll up board
  • Total weight 2 kg 🏋️
  • Board size 66x66cm 📏
  • Rolling board including carrying bag 🎒
  • Vinyl chess and plastic pieces with magnet ♟️

Magnetic Chess Murals

Magnetic folding boards are another type of wall boards, these wall boards undoubtedly show the arrangement of the pieces clearly from a great distance. Being completely magnetic, putting the pieces in the boxes is done in a more solid way, unlike the folding one, it is a little more expensive to transport both due to the weight in the different materials and in dimensions.

However, for those clubs with a place for a long time, this type of magnetic board is a good option.

Folding magnetic board

Folding magnetic board
  • Total weight 4 kg 🏋️
  • Board size 86x86cm 📏
  • Steel and wood folding board 🌳
  • Plastic parts with magnet included ♟️

Spare parts for wall boards

Those who have ever used these boards know many times that the magnet moves or even gets lost after use, or when a piece falls to the ground it can break. For them the spare parts are important elements, both from tripods to be able to keep our wall chess board in a solid way, the different pieces in different colors to be able to differentiate or the transport bag to be able to move it carefully. Here we leave you a selection of the best elements found.


This first tripod is ideal for roll-up boards, it adapts perfectly to them and allows us to keep our board safely.

Tripod for Wall Board

Tripod for Wall Board
  • Adaptable to roll-up murals ✔️
  • Easy to store 🧳


There are many pieces for our boards in different colors, but in our selection this set of red and white pieces for the different boards are among the best found.

Replacement of red and white parts

Replacement of red and white parts
  • Ideal for magnetic wall board ♟️
  • Red and white pieces ♟️
  • Ideal height for rolling or folding boards ♟️


Finally, to transport the boards, depending on the size and type of board, there are different bags. If the board is roll-up it probably comes with a cover included to be able to store and transport easily along with its pieces. However, for folding or rigid boards there are bags that are sold separately to be able to transport as in this case.

Carrying bag for wall chess board

Carrying bag for wall chess board
  • For boards up to 45cm 📏
  • Exterior pockets for transport ♟️
  • Ideal fabric material for folding boards / murals.

Is it a good option to buy online on Amazon?

If you have read reviews, opinions and have spent enough time researching before buy online, you are likely to make a good decision.

Amazon is the largest online store in the world and there are many advantages to buying there. If you are looking to buy something to have it quickly (be it a gift, to improve your chess, or to have a treat), with security and the possibility of returning it is the best option.

On the other hand, you will be able to see hundreds of comments from people who have bought chess clocks and draw your own conclusions.

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