Material for chess tournaments

If you are thinking of organizing a tournament, or you are an experienced tournament organizer / referee, this is undoubtedly your section.

Organizing a tournament definitely requires tables, chess boards , chess pieces and clocks (you leave a link to each one sections), but there is some material that is required of referees and organizers.

This section tries to talk about all these elements, from printers, trophies, pens, badges, etc. We are going to help you find the best quality-price material so that your tournament does not lack anything.


Having a printer in tournaments is essential, the vast majority of tournaments have several games on the same day, this causes you to be attentive when they publish a new round of chess games and quickly see the next opponent.

In most tournaments there are different lists with the pairings for the rounds and for this reason a printer is a basic requirement.

It is not only needed to print rounds or rankings, during the tournament payment receipts, certifications of regulations, tournament bases, accreditations, etc. are printed.

That is why we have selected 2 printers, the first printer, the main feature in addition to being one of the best sellers on Amazon due to its quality price, is that printing thanks to its ink makes it very economical.

In addition, it is a printer that has a characteristic that chess referees value a lot, there are many tournaments that different referees move to, for that reason portability and weight is one of the most relevant characteristics.

HP Deskjet 2720e Multifunction Printer

No. 1 bestseller
HP Deskjet 2720e Multifunction Printer
  • Print, scan and copy in black and white / color 🖨️
  • Wi-Fi printing option without cables 🔌
  • 7.5 pages per minute black 📨
  • 30.4 x 42.5 x 15.4 cm and 3.42 kilograms 🏋️
  • Fast delivery 🚗
  • Multitude of compatible cartridges 🐙

In the second case, in addition to being portable, we have sought that it occupies little, for that reason the recommendation of the following printer. Despite being a bit more expensive, the price is justified by its dimensions. A printer that takes it anywhere will not be a problem for any referee.

Epson Workforce wf 110W Portable Printer

Design to improve portability
Epson Workforce wf 110W Portable Printer
  • Print in black and white / color 🖨️
  • Wi-Fi printing option without cables 🔌
  • 14 pages per minute black 📨
  • 30.9 x 15.9 x 6.1 cm and 1.6 kilograms 🏋️


The sign of having done a good tournament and won a prize in chess is recurrent to do it with trophies. There are many tournaments that only offer trophies, others offer prizes in kind or cash, but all include a trophy.

Trophies exist in many different types, artisan handcrafted trophies, glass trophies, ceramic or common metal / plastic trophies. At this point you have a budget and a sample of trophies to choose from.

Many jewelers or sports stores have trophies, in this case we leave you an example that seems nice to us, but in case you want other types of trophies within the page you have a wide selection of them.

Chess Trophy

Chess Trophy
  • Different trophy models 🏆
  • Fast shipping 🚗
  • Different finishes, bronze, resin, metal 🦾
  • Discounts in large quantities 📉


In children's tournaments that usually give a greater number of prizes (to motivate the different players), one way to do it without spending a lot of budget is with medals. Without a doubt, for the price of a trophy we can have a greater number of medals.

There are other tournaments (for example the Olympic games) that the main prize is a medal, so they are not only used for children's tournaments and give more prizes, if it is done by hand and with precious materials it can be a very nice prize for the children. awarded chess players of the tournament.

In this case, as above, we leave you a type of medals that we think are correct, beautiful and with a good quality price, within the page there are other different models. However, in jewelers or other specialized stores there are sure to be a large number of different models.

Chess Medals

Chess Medals
  • Finished in gold, silver and bronze 🏅
  • Fast shipping 🚗
  • Discounts in large quantities 📉

Chess notebook

In official tournaments the games are mandatory to write them down, once the game is over. The spreadsheet (document where the games are recorded), is delivered to the referee certifying the game and the result, the player takes a copy of it to be able to save it and reproduce it at home.

There are many types of spreadsheets and without a doubt in printers they can be produced with a personalized design, however this will cost a little more time and more money.

Here we show you a standard template with the copy, you can order the units you need with a minimum of 100, if we add assuming a participation of 100 players with 7 rounds, at least we will need 700, but also assuming the loss of some, errors when write, etc. we must have a few extra.

Tournament paper

Choose the ones you need
Tournament forms
  • Official form and copy 📚
  • Option of custom templates with logos ℹ️
  • DIN A-5 size 📏


One thing that happens to all chess players during tournaments is that we lose more than 1 and 2 pens.

If you are reading this and you are a recurring chess player, you know that this is the case, but you also know that the organizers also always have a pen to get you out of this predicament.

In tournaments it is usually required to write the game or the result, for this we need to have a pen, there are superstitious players who mark the games with a certain lucky pen but others simply use any pen.

As an organizer you need all the players to have a pen, but not to spend a lot of money on it either. That is why we show you the best-selling package of pens, which also has fast shipping and with a very affordable price.

BIC blue pens

Choice of Amazon
BIC blue pens
  • Available in a box of 50 and 150 pens 🖊️
  • Best product quality price ✔️
  • Efficient, simple and reliable design 🔝
  • Available in various colors ⬛ 🟥 🟩 🟦 🟪


All the tournaments the rounds are shown both electronically and physically, as well as different documents that need to be printed (classifications, rules, numbers for the boards, accreditations, etc).

There are many different packages of paper, however if you need something cheap, that keeps the prints with quality and you need it so I will leave you the best-selling product on Amazon on paper and without a doubt the best value for money.

HP 500 Sheets Paper

Choice of Amazon
HP 500 Sheets Paper
  • Best-selling product‼ ️
  • Available in packages of different sizes 📦
  • White color 📝
  • 1 cent per sheet 💵

Match Cards by Correspondence

Decades ago it was not as easy as it is now to be transported, undoubtedly advances have made face-to-face tournaments have no point of comparison to online games or correspondence games.

In addition, the advancement of the modules means that playing by correspondence with unlimited time can arise traps and lose grace. However, for the people who lived through this experience, the tension of waiting for the answer must be a very curious feeling.

With the advance of time, we are increasingly impatient and without a doubt many people could not be waiting days to finish a game, if we imagine that we have a total of 30 moves, we will spend 1 month to conclude a game.

Even so, these mail envelopes can have different uses. Imagine receiving one for Christmas, those days where people remember who they appreciate or invitation letters for a wedding, baptism.

For people who have been playing chess for a long time, without a doubt it would be a very special moment, that's why we leave you this product.

Match Cards by Correspondence

Match Cards by Correspondence
  • Pack of 50 envelopes ✉️
  • Ready to ship 📦

Lanyards and covers for accreditations

In some chess tournaments carrying accreditation is a requirement, being able to identify the player or coach at a glance as well as if their game is in play is very useful to the referees and volunteers. There are many tournaments that offer this accreditation to facilitate the task of the staff, in addition, carrying an accreditation allows you to know the different players with a simple glance.

Without a doubt, it is an aspect of quality to have accreditations in the tournament, it makes you be very included and without a doubt it generates a feeling of importance.

The accreditations are made up of a lanyard (chain that is put around the neck) and a plastic sleeve with the accreditation inside.

These accreditations in some tournaments are also used for lunchtime, checking the room or cutting the different meals, so it is also helpful for hotels.

Lanyards are very common, in some tournaments they are personalized which undoubtedly shows much more quality and is a memory that is kept forever (however they are much more expensive). In others, they are either without personalization or simply take a coil of thread and cut pieces that are tied around the plastic sheath fulfilling the function, which manages to lower costs.

For people who are lazy to be creating each accreditation and buying the products separately, there is this product that contains 10 complete accreditations where only the paper with all the information is necessary and that's it.

10 full accreditations

Ready to use
10 full accreditations
  • Water resistant 🌊
  • Black cord ⬛
  • Ideal for tournament accreditations ✔️

If you can dedicate a little time, you can greatly lower your costs.

For this we have to get the lanyards separately first, which are really cheap as I leave you in the following link that contains 100 lanyards.

In addition, there are different colors that can be very useful to differentiate players, coaches, referees, staff, public, tournament categories, etc.

100 lanyard keychains

100 lanyard keychains
  • Different colors 🟦
  • Mobile phone strap included 📱

Finally, the accreditation cover would be necessary, which is nothing more than a resistant plastic. These accreditations are made of plastic so that in case of spilling any liquid or falling, they remain intact. In this way, you do not run the risk that our accreditation suffers a problem.

Here we leave you one of the best-selling Amazon products in this sector, being the accreditations that are commonly used in most tournaments.

Plastic accreditation sleeves

Choice of Amazon
Plastic accreditation sleeves
  • Water resistant 🌊
  • External size 100 x 83mm 📏
  • Inner size 94 x 60mm 📏

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