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The most effective method to learn chess

All of us at some point have had the problem of having a stagnant level or even going backwards. The digital era has great content on the internet but sometimes reading books, courses or training without results can be boring, in ChessMood several Grandmasters with great experience fix this.

Course created by Grand Masters!

A great variety of courses, whatever it is: tactics, endgames, openings, middlegame, psychology, avoiding mistakes, avoiding errors and much more. In fact, many of them are FREE.

Practice and apply what you have studied

It is proven that experience is something very important in life and it is no less important in chess. With everything you learn in the chess courses you will be able to practice it in seminars and live streams with titled chess players of high level.

Avoid mistakes and improve your level in chess

Articles based on chess real experiences, forums and seminars prepared to answer any questions you may have about any position.