Chess offers at Christmas

All companies at Christmas time create different discounts to try to sell more. However, many items what happens is that they raise the price and with a coupon they leave it to you for the real price so that it seems that it is a super offer. In this section we are going to show you some products with their historical minimum price that are currently on sale, some news that have just hit the market and if you want to be up to date you need to know them and discount coupons that may be interesting for you if this Christmas something chess related will appear under the christmas tree.

Discount coupons

First of all we leave the juiciest, browsing is one of the most famous stores The Chess Store offers 10% to buy on its website. This store with more than 20 years and a turnover that according to pages far exceeds one million euros without a doubt has a huge amount of products, with shipments all over the world. We leave you your coupon with a direct link in case it is of interest to you TCSCHESS .

Sitewide Sale

Best deals

The offers section is here, in this section we are going to show you the products that are having the most success together with the historical minimum price so that when buying you know if they have risen in value or not. Many of them are on sale right now, which is why we have also selected them. If you think we have missed any that may be interesting, you can write to us and we will be happy to include it in this section.

Boards and parts

This section shows the selected products from a lower price to a higher price, to start we have the already known peradix magnetic board. It is a TOP seller in chess products with more than 5000 reviews. Undoubtedly one of the most purchased portable boards, with magnetic boxes ideal for travel and that can be stored anywhere. The minimum price of this product in 2024 was 13.54€, right now it is 15.29€, a very affordable price for everyone.

Peradix Magnetic Plastic Chess

Foldable and magnetic 🔝 THE MOST SOLD
Peradix Magnetic Plastic Chess
  • Ideal for travel thanks to its comfort ✈️
  • A gift that never fails 🎁
  • Cheap 🔝
  • Very resistant plastic 💪
  • Design with parts storage box ♟

Following the list, every tournament chess player needs a board to prepare or play with his friends. In this case we have a set of pieces, a board and a transport bag with compartments for the pieces. All with a very classic style, however there is a great variety of colors. At this time the product is discounted with its historical minimum price of around 50€.

Standard Club Plastic Chess Set with Bag

Standard Club Plastic Chess Set with Bag
  • Includes 2 extra queens for promotion ♟️
  • Board Size 23.5 "x 6.75" x 3 "📏
  • Includes notation around the board 📓
  • King size 3.75 "📏
  • Bag with compartments for parts 👜

Having an exhibition chess set in your home, office or office is very common. Many times these boards have the pieces placed and do not have a box where to keep the pieces, having an elegant box next to our board is something that few people have and it is appreciated by standing out in front of simply the people who have a board. Not just any box is worth it, that's why here we bring you an elegant box with two compartments to store the pieces that are on sale as well.

Exclusive box for storing parts

Exclusive box for storing parts
  • Box Size 13.6 "x 13.6" x 5.4 "📏
  • DOES NOT include chess pieces‼ ️
  • Fibreboard covered with black leatherette paper ⬛
  • Two trays for chess pieces 📦
  • The lid is secured by hidden magnets 🔒

If what we are looking for is not to fail in a whim or gift with a wooden board, here we have different options from cheaper to more expensive. This first option is a complete basic option to enjoy our chess on a wooden board, it contains two extra checkers to crown a pawn and is made of ebonized boxwood, with a touch like professional tournament wooden boards. This product is with more than a 10% discount, which makes it its best price, the product can be shipped in 24/48 hours and for 3 euros more we can add a box like the one above to store our pieces.

Staunton chess set with ebonite and boxwood pieces with classic walnut chess board

Staunton chess set with ebonite and boxwood pieces with classic walnut chess board
  • Ebonized Boxwood Pieces 🌲
  • Includes two extra queens for promotion ✨
  • Walnut veneer, maple and wood materials ♟️
  • Dimensions 19 "x 19" x .5 "📏
  • King size 3.5 "📏

In the same style as the previous one, but in addition to ebonized boxwood with veneer and mahogany and maple wood, we have the following product that includes a box to match our wooden board. The price difference is similar to the quality it brings. It is currently reduced by more than 10% with the discount costing 300€.

British Staunton Chess Set Ebony and Boxwood Pieces with Classic Mahogany Board and Case

British Staunton Chess Set Ebony and Boxwood Pieces with Classic Mahogany Board and Case
  • Ebonized boxwood 🌲
  • Mahogany and maple veneer and wood materials ♟️
  • Dimensions 19 "x 19" x .5 "📏
  • King size 3.5 "📏
  • Includes two extra queens for promotion ✨

For those players who don't want an all-wood board, the following shows some solid zinc die-cast pieces with brass and nickel. They have an archery style, in this way it is a themed chess with a nice appearance in gold and silver tones. Again it has more than a 10% discount, standing at 350€ the price and with shipments in 1 day.

Archers Themed Chess Set with Brass and Nickel Pieces - Blue Board

Archers Themed Chess Set with Brass and Nickel Pieces - Blue Board
  • Solid Zinc, Brass & Nickel Plated Parts ♟️
  • Black stained wood and ash veneer 🌲
  • Brass on Wood Composite ⬅️
  • King size 3.5 "📏
  • Board Dimensions 17 "x 17" x 1.5 "📏

To finish with the boards, we are going to show here a new board that has come out this Christmas with a modern look in black and white tones. This board made in Spain has boxwood and ash veneer, manufacturers have decades of experience ranking among the best in the world manufacturing chess boards. It includes two extra checkers to crown and the price of this board is around 400€.

New and exclusive Staunton chess set Ebony and boxwood pieces with black and ash chessboard

New and exclusive Staunton chess set Ebony and boxwood pieces with black and ash chessboard
  • King height 3.5 "📏
  • Boxwood ebony and boxwood pieces ♟️
  • Black stained wood and ash veneer 🌲
  • Imported from Spain 🇪🇸
  • Includes 2 extra queens 🔝


If what we want is something other than a chess board, here we have the material that advances most chess players. In this case we bring 3 very famous books, the first of them chess for children has more than 300 reviews, its current price is 10.92€ and its historical minimum price was 10.35€. This price makes it a very affordable product ideal for children who are starting in the world of chess. This book explains basic concepts such as movement of the pieces, aiming the moves and basic strategy, adapted for children is ranked number 5 of the best children's books in all of Amazon.

Chess for children (Checkmate)

TOP 5 Books for children 🔝
Chess for children (Checkmate)
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • Ideal for children from 9 to 12 years old 👦
  • How do the pieces move? ♟️
  • How are the plays scored? 🖊️
  • Basic strategy 💎

Miguel Illescas needs no introduction. He has been the best Spanish chess player in the last 40 years until the arrival of the new generations. In this book, through an innovative method, he helps us to advance safely in learning chess. Miguel, in addition to being a great chess player, is also an expert teacher who very clearly explains the basics of the game and how to assimilate them.

This is a very suitable chess book for beginners who have already played a few games and want to progress in their strategies.

The historical minimum price of this product is 21.80€ and currently stands for 22.80€, a difference that does not make a difference with the great content that this book provides to players.

Complete Chess Course

> 250 reviews TOP 1300 best-selling books
Complete Chess Course (Miguel Illescas)
  • Available in Spanish
  • Author GM Miguel Illescas Córdoba 🖊️
  • > 800 essential pages 📚
  • Rules and precepts to progress in your game 🔝

Finally, a book for more advanced players is The Zugzwang Method. In this book it helps to learn different strategies both for the game and outside the game. Learn to avoid thinking unnecessary variants, find good plans, make decisions quickly within a game. Avoid memorizing the same thing many times, prepare opening as a GM does and much more is what this book helps you with. The price throughout the year has been 15.63€ and during the last months it rose to 16.52€

The Zugzwang Method: How to Optimize Your Preparation

Prime Shipping TOP 3000 Bestselling Books
The Zugzwang Method: How to Optimize Your Preparation
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • Author Daniel Muñoz and GM Herminio Herráiz 🖊️
  • Designed for players from 1500 to 2200 ♟️
  • Avoid analyzing unnecessary variants ✔️
  • Prepare openings like the GMs 💻
  • Find good plans in the middle game 🔝
  • Think like titled players 💡
  • Make good decisions in record time ⏳
  • Avoid memorizing the same thing many times 🧠

Accessories and games

At Christmas, if it is time to see Christmas-related movies, Harry Potter is one of the sagas that broadcasts the entire saga every Christmas. For chess fans, we bring the official product of the reproduction of the giant wizard chess that appears in the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

An ideal gift for any fan of Harry Potter, chess or both. It has about 10,000 reviews and a historical minimum price of 46.68€ in 2024, at the beginning of May it rose in price around 10€ and a good current price would be around 55€ at this time its price is 58.84€, but click to see if it has been modified and you can get a bargain.

Harry Potter Chess Board

Super sales!
Harry Potter Chess Board
  • Official Harry Potter product ✨
  • Game board 47 x 47 cm 📏
  • 32 figures with height 6-10 cm ♟️
  • Ideal gift for Harry Potter fans 🎁
  • Includes certificate 🔝

A chess game that this year is getting a lot of sales in children is my first chess. Its best price is 2024 is 15.95€, currently it is for 17.90€. A chess that shows how to place the pieces, how to move them, learn the name of the squares and aiming all in one, ideal for children who are new to chess.

My First Chess

My First Chess
  • Learn to move the pieces ♟️
  • Board with letters and numbers 🔠
  • Ideal for children 6 years and older 👦
  • Learn the basic chess rules 📖

A good coffee or a tea in the morning?

For both things you need a cup and we have the ideal cup for a chess player, 400 ml of liquid enters and includes a ready-made box ideal for making a gift. The current price coincides with its best historical price 14.99€, if you don't have a gift, here is an ideal one.

Chess cup

Chess cup
  • Buy two matching mugs for couples 💑
  • White hand-painted porcelain mug 🎨
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe ☕
  • Ideal gift for chess fans 🥤

Is it a good option to buy online at Amazon?

If you have read reviews, opinions and have spent enough time researching before buying online, you are likely to make a good decision.

Amazon is the largest online store in the world and there are many advantages to shopping there. If what you are looking for is to buy something to have it quickly (be it a gift, to improve your chess, or to indulge yourself), with security and the possibility of return it is the best option.

On the other hand, you will be able to see hundreds of reviews from people who have bought chess clocks and draw your own conclusions.

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