Internet is full of data and sometimes is difficult to find and collect correct information. There is currently no website where recent chess games can be found. The times of old pages with outdated interfaces and the continuous crashes of their server have made it very difficult for players to prepare themselves for chess tournaments. In addition other sites only have old chess game bases or only broadcast games. For all these reasons YottaBase is born, a database with almost 11 million games.

Our website has multiple functionalities, from visualizing games to performing tactical exercises. But, most importantly, the wide range of possibilities offered by YottaBase is completely free.

What can you do on YottaBase?

  • Search for players and their games. The ten most recent chess games can be viewed in a viewer with the Stockfish 10 analysis engine. In addition, the possibility to download all chess games of the player is offered free.
  • ELO Calculator. The website has a section where you can make calculations of ELO variation by entering our ELO, the rival and the result.
  • Chess Ranking. You can check the ELO rankings worldwide or by country, in any of the three control time of classical chess and specified by genre.
  • Tactics Problems. A tactical viewer allows the reader to solve exercises to improve their chess skills.
  • News about chess. In YottaBase there is a news space where you can find the latest news about chess at world, continental or national level.
  • Chess tournaments. The website allows the upload or find tournaments. Organizers can promote their competitions by filling out a simple form. The players, on the other hand, will be able to filter their search to search which tournaments match to their preferences.

YottaBase, however, will not stay there. The aim is to turn YottaBase into YottaChess, a reference site for the whole world chess scene where you can find the latest and most relevant news, live broadcasts, interviews with great personalities from the chess world and many more that you can discover.

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