How much has chess grown after the Queen's Gambit series?

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The Netflix series Queen's Chess has been a very important key point in the world of chess. Netflix, with its more than 200 million users, has reached more than 65 million viewers in the Queen's Gambit. This has been noticed in the different online chess platforms, where the number of users and games has increased significantly.

To demonstrate this, let's analyze the three most important online chess platforms:, and We will use metrics published by companies on social networks, online social network metrics platforms and the Alexa Ranking, today part of Amazon. This ranking is a representative measurement system that serves to classify the performance of a website. The Alexa ranking is public and has more than 30 million websites analyzed, which makes it very attractive as it is possible to compare different pages taking the same index as a reference.

The US platform is the first one we are going to analyze. For this, we have collected the different data in various sources of theirs, including a publication of their SEO agency, 'SeoAlive' which is run by Daniel Kaufmann. In 'SeoAlive' they are doing an incredible job to place their chess page in a very good position, as they keep growing in their positioning taking into account the Alexa Rankings.

In the news from 'SeoAlive' it was published that, in 2020, was registering 8 million clicks monthly thanks to user searches on Google (to this figure must be added the people who access directly with the link) and a total of 39 million impressions (times that some page appears in a Google search). This means a CTR (total number of clicks among the total number of impressions) of approximately 20%.

The Netflix serie and a continuous development of the company in its SEO during the first months of Queen Gambit allowed the company to increase by 42% its results in clicks, going from 9 million to 14 million; and in impressions, growing from 39 million to almost 80 million, which is more than a 100% increase in its results of impressions (but lower CTR 20% vs 17.5%).

In the following image we can see the results per month with the 'SEOcrawl' tool.

Graphical statistics of growth in impressions and clicks on
Image taken from

In addition to the above image, also they shares a graph where we can compare the number of games with users registered number on the platform every day. In this graph we can clearly observe two relevant peaks: in March, due to the start of the pandemic and confinement; and in October, coinciding with the release of the Netflix series. graphical growth statistics
Image taken from

Looking at the Alexa ranking,, 117 days ago (November 22, one month after the launch of the Netflix serie), has been positioned as the number 164 website increasing 116 positions, with an average session duration time (the time spent by users within the website) of 21 minutes.

Ranking on the Alexa Ranking page of
Image taken from the Alexa ranking at the following address

We analyze the growth in social networks of In this analysis we must highlight Twitch, since its channel is number 544 of the entire social network taking into account its followers and, in addition, it is positioned in the ranking 30 according to the number of visits received. In the last month, his followers have increased from 261.607 'followers' since the launch of Queen's Gambit (highlighting also all the events he is organizing with great streamers), and has obtained more than 50M views since November.

Social blade statistics for the channel on twitch
Data reported by the Social Blade site

They are also seeing a rise on Twitter, where they have surpassed 200.000 followers, increasing 56.000 of them since the launch of Queen's Gambit.

Social blade stats for twitter channel
Data reported by the Social Blade site

Finally, on YouTube, has achieved a great increase in subscribers and views, as shown in the following chart:

Social blade statistics for youtube channel
Data reported by the Social Blade site

So, we can confirm that has grown in most of its platforms more than 100% thanks to their great SEO work, along with other factors such as the Netflix series or the confinement to which the population has been subjected during 2020. From Yottachess we wish them all the best for them to continue like this.

The French non-profit organization, Lichess, is a free and open source Internet chess server. Among the many features it has is a database with monthly games, both in classical mode and in the different variants of the game. All this information can be seen in the Lichess database, where they also have various statistics of the games that are played each month.

We have made the following graph compiling the information of the year 2020. The evolution is similar to that of the previous page, that is, there is a considerable growth in March/April, due to the beginning of the pandemic, and a new increase in October/November with the release of Queen's Gambit. All in all, almost 100 million games are played on Lichess each month, increasing the total number of games by 100% compared to January.

Played games statistics in Lichess

The Alexa ranking placed Lichess in position 1.795 although, since November, it has been in position 1.482, with an average on-page time of 30 minutes.

Ranking on the Alexa Ranking page of lichess
Image taken from the Alexa ranking at the following address

As for social networks, Lichess does not have as large an audience or as much movement, so its growth does not manifest itself in the same way as it does on its web portal through new users or games played.

We have not been able to find official data from the Chess24 website. However, as seen in the Alexa ranking, it seems that, without doubt, after the release of the Queen's Gambit series there has been an improvement, since they have increased about 3.000 positions among the more than 30 million pages that constitute the ranking.

Ranking on the Alexa Ranking page of chess24
Image taken from

However, one aspect that characterizes Chess24 above all others is the multimedia content that it posts on all its social networks. The biggest growth in these dates has taken place on its English YouTube channel. This improvement has been due, in addition to the premiere of the popular series, to the organization of large elite tournaments. Here are the details:

Estadísticas de social blase para el canal de de youtube
Data reported by the Social Blade site

TOP 10 ranking of chess websites with statistics

To conclude, we have searched for the top 10 chess sites with the Alexa ranking they had before and after the Queen's Gambit serie. With this visual table it is clear in what way the Netflix series has contributed to the rise of our sport.

Website Current position Previous position Average time Difference 164 280 21:04 116 1.482 1.795 30:34 313 8.415 11.667 11:22 3.252 20.717 24.211 2:52 3.805 23.922 28.976 3:08 5.054 28.463 23.587 15:14 -4.876 33.631 62.996 14:31 29.365 34.743 39.968 8:32 6.365 36.868 53.178 10:48 16.310 44.567 63.992 13:16 19.425

The Alexa ranking includes more than 30 million pages of all types of content, which reinforces the important work that is being done with the aim of increase chess visibility. We hope it continues along 2021.

Do you want to know in which ranking is another website? Do you know another website that we have not added? Share what you want with us in the comments. Share what you want with us in the comments.

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