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At the beginning of the year, we wrote about the future improvements that now are already a reality.
This article shows the different tools that have been developed and published, many of them will help in improving our weak points and finding the weak points of our rivals.

If you don't know what YottaChess is, we leave you a post explaining who we are and all our free chess tools link to article

📘 New chess player profile

In all the profiles more interesting information has been incorporated that will help us in the preparations against our rivals, let's see all the new details.

Discover the new chess profiles -> HERE!

📈 Chess Player ELO chart

It is now possible to view the chess player's performance over time, including a summary table showing the player's progress over the last year.

This data will help us to see if our opponent has had a big rise in the last few months, a big fall, if he has been playing at this level for a long time, etc.

🔝 Best tournaments of the chess players

As data of interest, the 10 tournaments in which good results have been obtained are also shown, if you click on these you will also have the ranking of the tournament.

The tournaments are ordered according to the best position obtained and in case of get the same position in several tournaments are ordered the oldest first.

💻 Chess Player analysis

One of the big changes, you can now request to analyze all the chess player's games (if not already analyzed), you will be notified by mail when the analysis is completed.

This very detailed analysis will give you information on how s/he plays the openings, how s/he plays the middle game, how s/he plays the endgame, and all this separated by his games with white and black to be able to focus on the color that interests you the most in case you want to prepare against him/her or in case you want to see your chess weak points and know what aspect to improve in more detail.

🌳 Openning tree per colour

Based on feedback from many chess players, they asked to be able to see more than 10 games, many of them downloaded and had to use another application to see what their chess opponents were playing.

Now thanks to the opening tree you have all the moves made by the chess player sorted, and the board allows you to make moves and have Stockfish 14's opinion.

White Magnus Openning Tree

This is Magnus Carlsen's opening tree Magnus Carlsen, what does he usually play?

In this way it is no longer necessary to download all the chess games to see in detail what s/he plays, you have the information from the same web site.

📝 List of played chess openings

In support of the above, there is a table with the most played chess openings, all of them with a direct link to the YottaChess global opening tree so you can compare what the elite chess players or top modules play and get ideas on how to play against your opponent.

📉 Annual centipeones chart

Now you can see how well you played over time, how you progressed each year.

Thanks to the analysis of all the chess games you can now find out how you performed throughout the year by looking at the loss of centipawns you obtained.

📊 Heat map of busiest squares

Maybe it is a little strange but once you understand it, it is useful to understand how our chess opponent plays. This heat map allows us to know some data such as where does our opponent usually castle, how does he usually fianchetto, how does he occupy the center, according to the greenest color you can see the number of times that chess pieces arrive to that square, and how many times they arrive to that square.

Alireza heat map

The graph above corresponds to the analyzed games of Alireza with white (you can see it HERE) Where does Alireza usually castle? On which square does he mostly have a piece? Which piece? How does he occupy the center?

➡️ When do you move/exchange the pieces?

It looks like a bar chart that does not provide much information, but it has very interesting data.

The division of data into the different phases of the game allows us to understand our opponent better.


If we select in the graph the part of endings for example we can see which are the endings that our opponent usually arrives more times, in order to review some specific endings or even avoid those endings where s/he can have great experience.

Movement of Pepe Cuenca's pieces

With white with which piece does Pepe Cuenca usually reach the endgame? Link -> HERE

If we select the middlegame part we can also find out if our opponent likes to change queens or which pieces s/he likes to change, this way we can avoid these changes and get into positions that may be more uncomfortable for them.

🔮 Prediction system

What is our probability of beating Magnus Carlsen? Now you can see what an artificial intelligence model trained on more than 23,000,000 official game results thinks.

Simply insert the chess players' names into the YottaChess database, press predict and it will show you a graph with the results.

It seems that i have few options... How many do you have? link to my predition

Graphic with prediction of the chess player Isaac Lozano Osorio vs Magnus Carlsen

Share the result with your friends! -> HERE!

🎥 Broadcasting system

One of the great innovations has been tested in a Spanish Championship, a new broadcasting system based on artificial intelligence.

With any camera, (in this case it was with an old cell phone with a broken screen) it is now possible to broadcast games and not only that...

YottaLive Broadcasting System

Thanks to the video that the neural network uses, you can also have the image of the game on Youtube or Twitch at the same time! This gives the organizers or casters a lot of information.

How did it go at the Spanish Championship?

Here is the link to the webcast by youtube and the link to Lichess with the different chess games

If you want to get more information about the system here you have the link to the official website of YottaLive, we will improve it as we learn from this experience.

🆕 Tournament updates

We add new chess tournaments so you do not miss any, if you are an organizer and want to add it or even add advertising please contact us.

Have you already seen the new tournaments coming up? -> HERE!

📰 Future developments?

We are always listening to your ideas and implementing all the ideas we have, we know that some current features can be improved and we will continue to work on them. Below you will find the following new features that we hope to be able to launch in early 2023.

🎨 Improvements in the design of the entire website

We are aware that it is very basic, sometimes it is even a bit difficult with its design, we are going to improve the design to make all sections more visually intuitive.

🧰 Improvements in the online broadcasting system

After testing the broadcasting system, we have found some details that we are going to improve.

  • Adding clock time to chess games
  • Improvements in the position classification system
  • Online deployment, signup and login system
  • Fixing bugs and programming of necessary new functionalities

Don't miss any of the improvements click here to see the official website of YottaLive.

💡 Custom improvement book generator

Can you imagine a personal book on how to improve? Well, it is possible, we have been developing this functionality for months in order to obtain a detailed personal report.

You can even generate a report by uploading more of your own games (these will obviously not be added to the database) as they offer more data and improve the report to discover your weaknesses and your personalized training.

📤 Chess games incorporation form

There are many organizers who talk to us to upload their games, now it can be done directly from a form.

👨‍💻 Tournament Report Generator

Many tournaments publish press releases at the end of the tournament, can you imagine having an automated report with statistics of the tournament? The idea came from the collaboration with the Dubai Open, where they showed us some statistics that interested them and we got down to work. Just by uploading the game file, a detailed report is generated in PDF and HTML to be used in any website.

🤝 Partnerships

These months are coming full of collaborations, we have confirmed several collaborations with very big companies/tournaments. Can you guess which ones they are?

Do you have any improvements you would like to see on the website?

Send us a message and we will add it to the to-do list.

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