The final phase of the II Iberoamerican Chess Championship 2021 begins

Cartel del campeonato iberoamericano de ajedrez 2021
Poster of the iberoamerican online, image taken from Chess24.

The Iberoamerican Championship online will grant a place for the World San Fermin or the Champions Chess Tour, where the winner will play against the best players in the world.

The II Ibero-American Online Chess Championship 2021 has started. This event at international level, which was inaugurated on May 19th and will end on July 10th, 2021, will be broadcast from the chess24 platform by Grandmaster Pepe Cuenca and International Master David Martínez. The tournament that brings together the best Spanish-speaking players in the world was a great entertainment last year. Despite the fact that the world was living difficult days due to the pandemic, the chess community accepted this magnificent event willingly. Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, this second edition has begun bringing great emotions to both participants and spectators.

From May 19th to 30th, a knockout phase was held, divided into 14 groups, each consisting of six players, with only the winner of each group advancing to the next round. In this way, a total of 64 players who would make up the cast of participants in the playoffs were completed.

We will now meet the winners of each group. The rounds were fun and there was no shortage of tense moments, as the level among the players was very even.

Qualified players

Along with these qualified players, the following 50 players will participate, which can be seen in the following image offered by Chess24.

Jugadores clasificados para la fase final del campeonato iberoamericano de ajedrez
Players qualified to the final phase of the Iberoamerican Championship, image taken from Chess24.

Since the first day of June you can see some games of this final phase, we leave the results below as well as the games of today, where at 17:00 Madrid time, faces Miguel Santos against a great player at this control time Enrique Tejedor.

Tournament Schedule

The first and second knockout rounds will take place between June 1th and 24th. These matches will consist of 8-game matches, with the winner being the first to reach 4.5 points. The control time will be 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move, thus minimizing games that are decided by time pressure.

The format will be the same for the round of 16 and quarterfinals, which will be held from June 25th to July 6th. The semifinals, which will take place on July 8th, will extend the number of games to 12, with the first player to reach 6.5 points winning.

Finally, on July 10th, the grand final will be held in the same format as the semifinal. The winner will win the title of Ibero-American Champion 2021, awarded with an economic amount of 1,500 euros.

However, this is not the main prize of the tournament, as its winner will qualify for the World San Fermin, a cultural, gastronomic and sporting event to be held in Pamplona on the dates of its traditional festivities and where the reigning world champion, Magnus Carlsen, among other elite players, will participate. On the other hand, the runner-up will be able to take part in the Champions Chess Tour (or in the San Fermín Mundial if the champion refuses). In addition, he will win a prize of 1,000 euros.

Players defeated in the semifinals will win 650€ and those who fall in the quarterfinals 350€.

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