What's new at YottaChess in 2022?

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This 2022 comes full with updates and tools to be able to improve both in your chess and in the preparations on different players.
This article shows the different tools that have been developed and published, many of them still in beta phase.

If you don't know what YottaChess is, we leave you a post explaining who we are and all our free tools link to the article

📘 Openings - BETA

About 12 million games provide a lot of interesting data, and a tree of chess moves is a tool that when preparing helps us decide which move to make. Analyzing the games we have created the new functionality that can be found at https://www.yottachess.com/openings.
Three databases have been separated to be able to see the most used moves according to the position.

  • Computer database: in this way we can see how the computers play and according to the position we want to choose the move, not only looking at our module.
  • Elite Players Database: Selected all players over 2400 ELO have been added to an opening tree to analyze how great players in chess history have developed their games.
  • Yottaches database: this is all the existing games in the database collected in the same opening tree.

This functionality allows us to add positions using the FEN, move the moves on the board until we reach a position we want, or click to the right in the opening tree. To support you, you have a module loaded, which allows you to prepare from any device easily.

🔝 Automatic game analyzer (share, etc) - BETA

The game analysis helps to better understand our games and the mistakes made by the rivals. To facilitate game analysis we have created a new game viewer https://www.yottachess.com/analysis?game=2&id=32028237 this game viewer allows us to analyze the games, even plays that we want to make, it allows us to easily copy the URL to send our friends even an analyzer through a module.
click here to find a starting analyzed In the previous link we can see an analysis of the game which incorporates how the player plays in each of the phases of the game and an assessment of each play.

🆕 New Analysis Dashboard - BETA

With the same idea as before, we have incorporated an empty board to be able to add the game that we want, position or to be able to analyze anything that interests us online in a simple way. The tool can be found at https://www.yottachess.com/analysis

📈 Statistics by opening - BETA

When choosing a new opening with which to show our new chess or selecting the variant that we are going to face the opponent, knowing the opening is very important, knowing if it is a very aggressive opening with critical moves, a that quickly reaches an endgame, an opening with some complex line for white or black and we can do that with the analysis of the 12 million games, on the page https://www.yottachess.com/openings-statistics shows different metrics like White/Black Average ELO, Black/White wins or draws, lost of white/black centipawns.

📊 Global Statistics - BETA

Not only the openings report interesting data, but depending on the ELO level of the players, differences can be seen regarding the space occupied by their pieces on the board, pieces that reach the end, exchange of pieces, etc. With all this data we have compiled some results in https://www.yottachess.com/statistics

💻 Ranking of chess engines

Computer science keeps advancing every day and chess modules help us a lot in order to prepare us, that is why the analysis of openings from years ago are outdated based on new existing novelties and by taking a newer module we can improve our chess , at yottachess we have compiled the games of all the modules and listed them in a ranking according to the maximum ELO that that module has obtained. Many grandmasters train by analyzing engine games to try to understand patterns and apply them in chess, this ranking can be found at https://www.yottachess.com/ranking-computer-engines

💡 Support for 960 games

With the addition of engine games, we have discovered that engines for training and improvement often need to start from a different position than the starting position, so chess 960 games are very interesting for them, for we have developed the viewers and analysis boards for chess 960 games, if you want to see an example the Stockfish module its latest games are chess 960 https://www.yottachess.com/player/stockfish

🆕 Tournament Update

A new year is coming and we hope that it will have much more chess than these previous years, that is why we have updated the most relevant tournaments already announced so that you can reserve dates for the most relevant national/international tournaments https://www.yottachess.com/tournaments

➡️ Many more things are coming during the year

We have a huge list of tasks and functional improvements for all our users, we are going to tell you about some of them.

  • Player profiles with more information, such as the last tournaments played, ELO graphs, how well they played their games (games analyzed by a module), most played openings, etc.
  • Best games per opening (allowing you to select games to learn each opening)
  • Improved tactics system (contests?)
  • And something very special… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYCkYI3Wubk

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