Would you like to win an individual chess lesson with Grandmaster Ángel Arribas? Take part in our contest!

Improve your chess and you can win a individual lesson, in Spanish or English, with one of the most awarded Spanish Grandmasters.

Computer picture looking at a computer screen, referring to the YottaChess tactics problems contest with Ángel Arribas.

Yottachess arises as a website that, in addition to offering multiple features for the chess player, is demand to all chess fans that can improve their skills by following our social networks. This was the reason why we included a section with tactics exercises and chess news from which you can learn a little more about the chess world. However, we announce a new section that we will release soon:

Enter our chess contest to win an individual class with Gran Master Ángel Arribas!

Yes, you got it right. From Yottachess we raffle a class with Grandmaster Angel Arribas. But how can you get it? We explain it to you below.

From March 1st we will be uploading to our social networks (Twitter, Instagram y Facebook) a daily chess problem. As the aim of our contest is not to reward the best players, but those who try hardest, for every attempt at solving it will count towards the class draw, regardless of whether it is correct. Obviously, the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win. However, a number of conditions must be met:

  • 1. Follow Yottachess and Ángel Arribas in the social network where you participate.
  • 2. Click like in the publication.
  • 3. Reach 20 points.

How do the points work?

To improve our chess it is very important to be constant. With this, we want to give more possibilities to people who make an effort and try hard to solve the problems. For this we have created a scoring system that consists of the following:

  • 1. A point for each comment proposing a solution to the problem.
  • 2. Bonus point for mentioning a friend in the riddle comments.
  • 3. Bonus point for sharing the problem.
  • Taking into account that each month has approximately 30 days, it is possible to reach 90 points, so reaching 20 points is not difficult. In addition, anyone who joins the contest late will be able to rejoin without any problem.

    So, how many points can I get?

    As soon as a person obtains 20 points, he/she will have one participation. But, for every 3 points he/she gets from 20, he/she will get another one. In other words, the relationship will be as follows:

    • 20 points → 1 participation
    • 23 points → 2 participations
    • 26 points → 3 participations
    • 29 points → 4 participations
    • 32 points → 5 participations
    • 35 points → 6 participations
    • 38 points → 7 participations
    • 41 points → 8 participations
    • 44 points → 9 participations
    • 47 points → 10 participations
    • 50 points → 11 participations
    • 53 points → 12 participations
    • 56 points → 13 participations
    • 59 points → 14 participations
    • 62 points → 15 participations
    • 65 points → 16 participations
    • 68 points → 17 participations
    • 71 points → 18 participations
    • 74 points → 19 participations
    • 77 points → 20 participations
    • 80 points → 21 participations
    • 83 points → 22 participations
    • 86 points → 23 participations
    • 89 points → 24 participations
    So, remember. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

    More about Ángel Arribas

    Ángel Arribas López is a 27 year old Spanish Grandmaster. He obtained the title of FIDE Master at the early age of 13 and International Master at 17. Grandmaster since 2014, his current ELO is 2436.

    Among his achievements, we can highlight two Spanish championships in "sub" age, two runner-ups also in lower categories, two runner-ups at absolute level, in slow and lightning games, and the runner-up in the prestigious Open de La Roda (Albacete).

    In addition to his facet as a player, his trajectory as a coach is widely known. He worked with some promising Grandmasters such as the American Jeffery Xiong and has been a common contributor to the Chess24 website, where he participated in several 'Ajedrez dicharachero' shows and is the author of some opening videos, the best known being the one he recorded together with GM Pepe Cuenca of the French opening.

    He has also written some books, such as A weapon against the French Defense an improved book on Chess24's Spanish series on Ad3 against the French Defense.

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