ELO calculator

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ELO rise or fall

We show you the ELO rating with just a couple of data.

  • K = 40 for players with new ELO until they play 30 games against people with ELO.
  • K = 20 ELO of players who completed all 30 games and have less than 2400.
  • K = 10 any player who has exceeded 2400, even if later lowered.
  • K = 40 all players up to 18 years old, as long as their ELO is below 2300.
  • K = 20 all players for RAPID and BLITZ.

Initial ELO

We show you the initial ELO or what is necessary to get it. To do this you must fill in the data shown below (tournaments in which a game has NOT been won against an opponent with ELO do not count, you must have a minimum of 5 games with players with ELO and in each block have at least one victory with one of these players.)