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At YottaChess we are great chess enthusiasts and we want to review the best existing material according to what it is needed for.

In this section, all the material divided into the different sections will be reviewed so that if you are interested in a product you can find the one that best suits you.

We will analyze the best chess boards, clocks, pieces and much more material. In case you need material to teach or improve your level, we will show you the best murals, books, accessories or related games. Discover everything you need about any type of material for yourself, to give as a gift or for whatever you need.

What does it take to play chess?

No matter what level you have or the person to whom the product you are thinking of is going, on this page we are going to guide you with the opinion and help of players who have been playing chess for decades. With all the material that they tested for so many years they have made a guide with the best quality-price products, we will show our recommendation and the reason for the choice, be it wanting to buy a chess clock, give a chessboard or simply want to have some whim with some chess pieces, books, accessories, etc. We will analyze the most prominent products on the market and classify them in an easy-to-read comparison list.

What it takes to play chess

  1. Chessboard
  2. Chess pieces
  3. Chess clock
  4. Chess books
  5. Teaching material
  6. Tournament material
  7. Accessories
  8. Giant chess
  9. Transport material
  10. Premium and exclusive material
  11. Related board games

Have you decided that you want to start playing chess? Does someone close to you want to start this fantastic hobby?

We take care of teaching you what you need to know so that you can play chess and most importantly enjoy the experience.

As in all sports, there is a huge market with a multitude of materials.

But what do I need to start chess? I will explain to you what are the main necessary and useful accessories for any player who wants to progress playing chess.

Not only accessories such as a good chess board with its pieces or a chess clock, but also training tools are essential to improve.

Basic chess set

DGT Board and parts to get started

DGT Board and parts to get started
  • Folding chess board (box size 50x50mm) 📏 ️
  • Heavy plastic parts, king height 86mm ♟
  • CD trainer 💿
  • DGT960 🕰️ Clock

The basic equipment that you will need to play a game of chess is a chess board with its pieces .

Nowadays, with the increase in technologies, many people play online, however playing from time to time using a board in the real world is a good option. The reason is that tournament chess games are also played using physical boards and it changes the perspective quite a bit.

For people who are just starting out, it is useful to buy a board that indicates the numbers of the rows and the letters of the columns .

This makes it easier to learn the algebraic chess notation, which you will need in tournaments to record the games and to be able to read books when you acquire more level.

Andux Board and Parts Set

Andux Board and Parts Set
  • Box size 34cmx34cm 📏
  • Heavy Duty Roll Up Vinyl Board 💪
  • Parts included ♟
  • With algebraic notation 📝

A wooden board and chess pieces is not a requirement to start with, a set made of plastic will suffice. However, it is important to buy it of quality, so that it does not spoil very quickly (loss of color or breakage of the board) since you will surely use it for a long time. If you want to have a good experience from the beginning moving the pieces, a wooden board has no comparison with a plastic one.

Board and Wood Pieces Set

GOOD PRICE One of Amazon's best sellers
Board and Wood Pieces Set
  • Lots of different sizes 📏
  • Different designs of pieces and boards ❗
  • Parts included ♟
  • With algebraic notation 📝

Using a high quality chess set will make you feel like an important player and psychologically it is much more enjoyable.

For example, people feel much better and more motivated wearing quality clothing, quality rackets or wearing brand name shoes to practice their sport.

On the other hand, if you are not very clear about what it takes to play chess, it may make sense to start using a tournament set from scratch . The reason is that you will also use it in real games.

If you click on this link , we will show you the best board examples based on many years of experience playing in multiple cities, dozens of boards and chess pieces.

Non-electronic DGT wood set

The favorite of professional players
Non-electronic DGT wood set
  • Box size 55 × 55 mm, weight 2.9 kg 📏
  • Parts included ♟
  • Two queens for each color ♟
  • Same design as electronic ❗

Chess clock

Apart from the board and chess pieces, there is a limit to the games to compete and you will need a chess clock. Time is a very important aspect that makes many games decide and controlling it is very important, what better way to be able to practice in your games with a suitable chess clock.

DGT 2010

DGT 2010 watch photo
  • Dimensions 28 x 28 x 13 cm 📏
  • Official FIDE Chess Clock ✔️
  • All official rhythms 🕰️
  • Battery life 10 years 🔋

In competitions, a chess clock is an indispensable tool for training .

These watches are used in all tournaments, so you will have to know how to handle them.

There is a huge difference between playing under the pressure of time or just for fun thinking a play for as long as you want.

In this sense, accumulating experience playing seriously is essential to improve your skills.

Therefore, if you are not sure what it takes to play chess, it is best to buy a watch and use it to practice playing with friends .

In the beginning, your best option will be a model that is not excessively expensive and that is easy to implement.

LEAP chess clock

LEAP watch photo
  • Dimensions 16.8 x 10.2 x 5.8 cm 📏
  • Unbeatable quality price ❗
  • Good watch for people who are starting 🕰️
  • Battery life 10 years 🔋

You should also make sure that it has a good design and that it allows to program all the relevant time controls, so that it can be used in all the necessary circumstances.

Chess books for training

A book is the best tool to improve your skills if you are not very clear about what it takes to play chess.

Despite the passing of the years, books are the history of chess helps us understand and improve our chess, they have been adapted to online versions, but there are some irreplaceable books that we will tell you in the books section.

There are different books by categories: openings, endings, tactics, strategy, chess psychology, etc.

For someone who starts chess, the best way to start is:

We recommend the following books, within the article we will talk a little more about them.

100 Endgames You Must Know

Of the best endgame books
The final 100 you need to know
  • Essential endings book ❗
  • For all levels 👶
  • 100 clear and well explained examples ♟
  • Excellent price 💰

If you are looking for a book for someone who wants to start in this world at an early age, we leave you one of the best books. Chess for children will teach you in a didactic way, adapted to their age, the basics of chess, their numbers in sales and evaluations show the quality of the book.

Chess for children (Checkmate)

TOP 5 Children's books
Chess for children (Checkmate)
  • Book for people who start in chess ♟
  • How the pieces move 📓
  • How the plays are scored ✍🏻
  • Basic strategy ✨
  • Excellent price 💰

Teaching material

Having the right material to teach makes the experience more positive. For this there are different types of material that if we want to dedicate ourselves to it we will need.

In the case of giving group classes, we will need material to be able to show all the students our explanations of the chess games. To do this today there are two possibilities:

Magnetic roll-up wall board

Magnetic roll-up wall board
  • Dimensions 66 x 66 cm 📏
  • Includes bag to transport it 📦
  • Plastic parts included ♟
  • Perfect for teaching, analyzing or showing chess games ❗

However, there is a lot of material for the educational field and if you want to know how to improve the experience of your students we will show you in the article what are the elements you need.

Tournament material

All chess players sooner or later want to measure what they have learned with other rivals. There are many types of tournaments, but when playing chess in slow games we need to bring with us or that the tournament offers some materials.

In slow games, it is mandatory to write down the game (that is why it is recommended that the boards have the letters and numbers on, it makes it easier to learn the squares). Without a doubt, having a good experience writing is something that makes playing chess more pleasant, that's why many people carry a spreadsheet holder, pens that give them luck, pointing pens, etc.

Chess sheets Original and Copy

Chess sheets Original and Copy
  • Choose the amount you want ❗
  • Official templates for tournaments ✔️
  • Includes copy 📝

The organizers, on the other hand, offer sheets to be able to point, trophies and a multitude of details.

Here we will show you different pens, trophies, sheets, lanyards for accreditations and everything you need so that the tournament you organize or want to participate offers the best possible experience.


If you are an amateur or the person you are thinking of is an amateur, there are many articles that can surprise a chess player. If you have been playing chess for a long time, surely you already have a good digital chess clock, chess board and chess pieces, but also surely if you want to surprise him by buying or giving something related to chess this is your section.

USB Chess Piece

Of the most purchased accessories
USB Chess Piece
  • Different storage capacities 💾
  • Different pieces ✔️
  • Wood Material 🌲
  • Compatible with USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ❗

In this article we will evaluate a multitude of products, from clothing or material related to chess, electronic devices such as USBs.

Even different board games or hobbies that will make you think about how to solve these puzzles learning alone or with different friends who share a taste for this hobby.

Ocachess - Board Game to Learn CHESS

Ocachess - Board Game to Learn CHESS
  • 160 questions and 160 mathematical challenges about chess ❓
  • 2 game levels, basic and advanced 💢
  • To play with the family 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻
  • Math, reading, writing and spatial vision ✔️
  • You don't need to know how to play chess ♟

These are just one of the examples that we can find within the accessories, but there are many more. Enter the article and discover accessories related to chess of all kinds, with the best prices and the most purchased (which means that they are liked the most).

Is it a good option to buy online on Amazon?

If you have read reviews, opinions and have spent enough time researching before buy online, you are likely to make a good decision.

Amazon is the largest online store in the world and there are many advantages to buying there. If you are looking to buy something to have it quickly (be it a gift, to improve your chess, or to have a treat), with security and the possibility of returning it is the best option.

On the other hand, you will be able to see hundreds of comments from people who have bought chess clocks and draw your own conclusions.

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