YottaChess database statistics - BETA

Chess data of 10280069 partidas analizadas de la base de YottaChess

Global statistics and filter by ELO

When you apply the filter by ELO it shows the results of all those games that have had an ELO higher than the one indicated by both colors.

  • Total games: 10280069
  • Opponent average ELO: 4000
  • Average moves: 38
  • Average centipawn loss: 111
  • Opening average centipawn loss: 56
  • Middlegame average centipawn loss: 232
  • Endgame average centipawn loss: 135
  • White wins: 4180061
  • Black wins: 3544342
  • Draws: 2548922
  • Blunders: 17753078
  • Mistakes: 31692155
  • Dobious: 47294418

Heatmap by squares

The heatmap shows the number of times the square has been occupied by a piece, showing the importance of the squares.

Average pieces movement

This graph shows the number of times a piece is moved in the different phases of the game. With this data you will be able to know if the player likes to change pieces, which endgames to prepare against the opponent, etc.

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