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More than a year without knowing about YottaChess updates 🍂, but we have not stopped working.
This article shows the different functionalities and improvements that have been developed throughout 2023.

If you don't know what YottaChess is, we leave you a post explaining who we are and all our free tools link to article

🔝 Updates in 2023 🔝

Continuing with the last post, some features have already been anticipated, we are very excited to show you the new player profile design!, much more accessible for all devices and with a well-crafted user experience.

🆕 1. New chess player profile design

There are many changes made and it is best that you discover what the new profile looks like for yourself. A summary?, faster loading speed, new graphics, revised mobile-oriented design and many new features.

New YottaChess interface

🔟 1.1 Chess Player Card

You can now see your score if you have analyzed games.

Isaac Lozano Osorio's Chess Card

How does it work?

In YottaChess we have analyzed your games in all the different phases of the game, in this way, depending on the phase of the game: opening, middle game or endings, we apply the following formula to obtain the metrics.

Formula for calculating points

250 ​​in average centipawn loss is a very high number and 0 would be a perfect game. It is possible that for some players with few games the number does not match their real level, the more online games, the tighter it will be.

For the overall number, the average of both colors is taken to calculate it, there will be different types of cards depending on the player's title.

🗒️ 1.2 Badges

Now players will be able to have badges on their profile, if you see me in a tournament do not hesitate to ask me for one and I will assign you a YottaFriend badge.

Badges on your profile

📷 1.3 Upload photo of chess player

Do you want to know who is your rival? Do you want to upload your photo to your profile? Now you can upload the photo to your profile.

NOTE: All photos are reviewed one by one, email is requested to avoid fake photo uploads (any user upload is blocked by IP and email).

💾 1.4 Download chess profile games by color

We always listen to you, we want YottaChess to be for everyone and experience has told us that you want games based on color. Two new buttons have been created to download the games with the color you want.

We do not want the use of YottaChess to be just about downloading games, a minimum period of 1 minute has been established in the player's profile to be able to download the games. You can see all the statistics, understand weak points, see the games and once you have information that will be useful for you as a player, you can download the games.

👨‍💻 1.5 Performance Optimization

Although it is not something visible, inside YottaChess changed the entire internal structure. Some systems have been improved, such as the way rankings are generated, player searches, trying to provide more precise and faster responses to requests. One of the jobs that has taken the most!

📢 2. Fewer ads

YottaChess is a project that has a multitude of free services, from which it obtains some benefits to cover monthly expenses such as advertisements or promotions.

During the end of this year different ad blocking extensions have also blocked requests to the server. Which means that some functionalities such as downloading games do not work.

The number of ads has been reduced and the view of a chess profile has been changed so that they do not disturb, a popup has been added in case adblockers are detected. All this in order not to block ads in YottaChess, better performance and to be able to continue with the project.

👨🏻‍ 3. System for training blind chess players

One of the chess coaches in the Spanish blind chess team sent us a message about a training system for blind people. The system works in the following way, a coach fills out a position or a game in FEN or PGN format and YottaChess is responsible for creating the position in an audible format for blind people, it also allows sharing the link directly and by entering the system they will be able to listen as many times as you want to read the position and even the solution, you can see the system by clicking in this link.

4. Chess Gadgets

Many chess club pages have a common membership circle, for these pages we have developed different gadgets. What is a gadget? A tool that can be easily hosted on your website and that offers personalized statistics.

Personalized ranking of the white lady club of Quintanar de la Orden

With today's chess gadgets you can display a personalized ranking, tactics puzzles or a chess elo calculator on your website in a very simple way.

If you want to discover all the gadgets and how to show them on the page you can do it from the gadgets page by clicking this link .

💻 5. Player analysis almost complete

There has been an algorithm that analyzes the games of chess players in YottaChess with Stockfish 14 for more than a year. At the time I write this there are less than 40,000 players left of the more than 1.000.000 that exist to analyze.

It is true that the last chess games of the players already analyzed have not yet been analyzed; these will be done once all the players have finished and the new games added will be analyzed monthly. The algorithm takes between 2 and 5 seconds to perform an analysis, 3.5*14 million games are 49,000,000 seconds, which is equivalent to 13,611 hours and 567 days.

📁 6. Upload of chess games

Many chess tournament organizers have talked to us about uploading their games, even chess players themselves want to upload the games to see the analysis of the YottaChess system, now you can upload the games to the database from HERE!. The games will be reviewed by the YottaChess team and if they are from real tournaments they will be published on your profile.

🤝 7. Collaborations

During this year 2023 we have collaborated with different pages in the chess field.

Peón del Rey, a magazine with great notoriety and many years run by Miguel Illescas where various articles have been published and raffles have been held. We hope to be able to contribute some quality articles to your magazine again in 2024.

Iván Salgado's chess academy, showing different courses to YottaChess users.

📺 8. Advertising on YottaChess

Do you want to show a project or promote a tournament to a professional chess audience? We have created the following document that you can see by clicking with different services that we can offer. However, you can always contact us for more information.

🆕 9. Chess tournament update

Incorporation of new chess tournaments in our tournament panel so that you do not miss any, if you are an organizer and want to add it or even add advertising, contact us.

Have you seen the new tournaments that are coming? -> HERE!

📰 10. Future features?

We do not stop listening to your ideas and implementing all the ones we have written down, we know that some current functionalities can be improved and we are going to continue getting to work. We leave you below the following future news that we hope to be able to launch in 2024.

🔔 11. Subscription system

YottaChess is a free service but maintaining it is not cheap, so we will create a monthly subscription system for different users who want to support the project, this will allow them to have some advantages. Everyone else will be able to continue enjoying YottaChess in the same way.

♟️ 11.1 Support YottaChess ♟️

First of all you will be helping to maintain the project and will allow us to bring improvements faster.

↔️ 11.2 Online games linked to chess player profiles

During this year we have been detecting online player profiles, verifying and downloading the games. You will be able to access a limited number of requests during the month to discover the profiles of the player you are facing and obtain thousands of games.

📢 11.3 No ads

Of course you will have ads, this will allow you to browse faster.

✉️ 11.4 Monthly Update File

Every month you will receive by email the monthly update file that we have generated at YottaChess so that you can use it as you wish.

💡 12. Individualized improvement book generator

Can you imagine a personal book on how to improve? Well, it is possible, we have been developing this functionality for months in order to obtain a detailed personal report.

You can even generate a report by uploading more of your games (these will obviously not be added to the database) as they offer more data and improve the report to discover your weak points and your personalized training sessions.

Do you have any improvements that you would like to see on the website?

Send us a message and we will add it to the to-do list.

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